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Pisces Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report September 24th to 30th, 2017

Date: 10/3/2017

Fishing in Cabo was hot this week with lots of table fish as well as blue marlin, striped marlin and the odd sailfish.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report September 10th -23rd, 2017

Date: 9/26/2017

Numbers at a glance: Billfish 61%, Dorado 49%, Tuna 20% BILLFISH: So far 2017 is shaping up to be a fantastic blue marlin year, with plenty of fish in the 150 to 250 LB class and several landed over the 300 LB mark. After a couple of weeks of tropical storms and port closure that took nine days out of the month, weather has changed with a distinctive cooling in the air and time is ripe for a variety of fish. Pisces La Brisa a 31 ft. Bertram, kicked off the action with an impressive 400 LB blue marlin caught

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report Sept 3rd-9th, 2017

Date: 9/23/2017

This week saw some great catches in Cabo San Lucas, with a surge in blue marlin catches and some nice tuna too aboard Pisces boats.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—August 21st to August 27th, 2017.

Date: 8/31/2017

We had an amazing week of summer fishing with 96% of boats landing fish. Most of the action was seen with consistent yellowfin tuna and dorado catches, as well as seeing some wahoo and various species of billfish. Most of the fishing remained on the Pacific side throughout the first half of the week, then switching towards Punta Gorda and the 11:50 Spot at the end of the week.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—August 14th to August 20th, 2017

Date: 8/26/2017

A great week of fishing with all but a few boats catching fish in the whole week! Still seeing many boats landing double digits of tuna, scattered blues, stripers and sailfish, with dorado numbers picking way up.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report - August 7th to August 13th, 2017

Date: 8/17/2017

Overall catch success rate, all species combined: 86% Numbers at a glance: Billfish 27%, Tuna 46%, Dorado 26%, other 14%

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—July 22nd to July 28th, 2017

Date: 8/5/2017

This week was nothing short of a billfish bonanza in Cabo. We saw a huge variety of species released aboard Pisces boats, with a good number of them catching and releasing multiple billfish per trip. We saw boats land mostly striped marlin, followed by blue marlin and sailfish.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—July 8th to July 14th, 2017

Date: 7/16/2017

Fishing in Cabo has been mostly good this week, although there was a slow down with about half of boats skunked on a few days mid-week. However, when it has been good throughout the rest of the week, we’ve seen boats land a varied array of summer species. We saw another rare Pacific shortbill spearfish this week, so we doubt that anyone is going to continue to believe that they are that rare in our waters. However, we only usually see about 2-3 of these in a whole year usually. We saw quite a few sailfish this week as well, this generally signals that the summer water temperatures have arrived.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—July 1st to July 7th, 2017

Date: 7/10/2017

July is off with a bang for Pisces Sportfishing, as the summer weather and warming seas have seen the fishing come alive with many species, with a few of them being rarely caught in Cabo. Fishing was in a few different locations this week, from the 95 Spot to San Jaime and the 180 Spot. While inshore fishing produced jack crevalle, roosterfish, white skipjack, ladyfish, triggerfish, sea bass, grouper, and a silky shark that was released.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report—June 24th to June 30th, 2017.

Date: 7/5/2017

Fishing this week saw some improvements in the overall numbers, with a majority of boats (69%) landing yellowfin tuna. Most of these fish were in the 10-20 pound range, however we did see the odd larger tuna on some boats. There were also good numbers of striped marlin seen, and fewer inshore fish species as boats focused offshore.

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