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Pisces Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report April 21st to 27th

Date: 4/28/2019

Anglers and crews this week did a great job of making the best of the day, even with some rough weather and inconsistent fishing (which is not rare for this time of year). What did help though was that the tuna numbers still held this week, and we saw a spike in dorado catches compared really, to the rest of the year so far. We had seen only 1 or 2 dorado caught per week total, whereas this week we saw a total of 18 dorado caught by our crews. Inshore fishing is still producing nice fish, with roosterfish still around, along with yellowtail, sierra, bonita, red snapper and others. A few nice wahoo made the catches this week too. Marlin have been “fussy eaters” this week, with crews often seeing them and pitching baits, but not much interest on their part; and difficulty getting them to bite on the troll as well. With this said, our top marlin boat this week released 3 striped marlin in one day.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report April 16th to 20th

Date: 4/21/2019

Although this week presented one extraordinary catch, with the 814 lbs Blue Marlin caught by Pisces 31’ Tiburon (which is actually presumed to have weighed more than that.. more on this later), most fishing this week was somewhat inconsistent. April tends to have more inconsistencies in the fishing, compared to other seasons, and these past weeks have been hard to peg. The fish have been moving quite rapidly and the bottom fishing and small game have gotten quite some pressure from all Cabo fleets because of it. The tuna on the other hand, have turned up again, even if far out and even if not the largest specimens. There still have been a few marlin releases, with 1 marlin released per boat on average, and a great day looking at 5 striped marlin released at Golden Gate. A few dorado sprinkled in to the catches of sierra, roosterfish, ladyfish, jack crevalle and yellowtail.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Repot April 6th to 12th

Date: 4/13/2019

This week’s fishing has been true to the season, with a few outstanding catches, but mostly, inconsistent. This may be due more to the weather than the fishing itself, or maybe its been the combination of both. We have experienced intermittent winds this week, with one day especially, howling. Other days brought more success to anglers, with up to 3 striped marlin releases aboard, more yellowtail, snapper, and small game fish such as Sierra mackerel, ladyfish and grouper. We saw only a few dorado sprinkled in and some vessels actually managed to find some decent tuna schools, which we hadn't seen last week at all.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Repot March 31st to April 5th

Date: 4/6/2019

Marlin numbers this week in Cabo stayed pretty consistent compared to last week. With again, the top boat producing 6 striped marlin released in one day. “Other” Catches, referring to small game such as yellowtail, sierra mackerel, jack crevalle, grouper, red snapper and others, increased quite nicely and made for lots of fun, especially for many of our young anglers. Tuna numbers decreased, and only a few Dorado were found in this week as well.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Repot March 24th - 30th

Date: 4/2/2019

Another great week of fishing in Cabo with a very nice surprise billfish appearance to close out the week! The striped marlin showed up in big numbers at Golden Gate, with up to 6 striped marlin caught and released per boat. Yellowfin tuna numbers also held steady this week, with a slight increase in tuna numbers caught per boat. Top boats caught up to 25 tuna per boat and the small game action continues to be good, with the majority of catches being of species like red snapper, yellowtail, amberjack, ladyfish and grouper. Still seeing a few mako sharks sprinkled into catches this week also.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Repot March 17- 23rd

Date: 3/28/2019

Cabo has been small game fishing heaven this week! Consistent small game catches ranging from red snapper to grouper to yellowtail and so much more. Still some sierra, ladyfish and triggerfish too. We algo got a nice surprise when Pisces Tag Team III hit the dock with a nice 42 lbs wahoo! Marlin were also scattered in, with 1 to 2 fish released per boat, usually along with some kind of small game eating fish. Tuna picked up towards the end of the week, with boats catching up to 15 yellowfin tuna each; mostly footballs (15- 30 lbs).

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report Feb 16 to 22nd

Date: 2/25/2019

Another good week of fishing in Cabo; with nonstop epic inshore catches that have kept us busy even though the billfish have slowed.The sierra mackerel have showed up strongly, along with roosterfish and some yellowtail too. Other catches have included amberjack, skipjack, red snapper, triggerfish. Dorado have also made a little bit of a comeback, compared to previous weeks were percentages of dorado caught only being in the 1 to 2 percent range.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report Feb 2nd to Feb 8th

Date: 2/8/2019

We’ve seen a few changes to the fishing from last week to this one. The climate shifted a bit and weather got slightly “colder” nothing compared to the “Polar Vortex” many are experiencing though! We're not complaining there. However, it did seem to affect the fishing, more so towards the end of the week. All in all though, we still saw 1-2 billfish per boat consistently, with a high of up to 6 marlin released at the beginning of the week. Tuna numbers did drop quite a bit too, but we saw a few more dorado scattered in. Those that stayed inshore did well, and had some fun catches of red snapper, triggerfish and sierra mackerel, amongst others.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report January 26th to Feb 1st

Date: 2/8/2019

WHAT A WEEK! 100% Catch success rate for all species combined, making it for an incredible time for fishing in Cabo. Two outstanding catches stand out, an amazing Swordfish catch by Pisces 32’ Bill Collector owner, Mark Chiavetta to start off the week and a jaw-dropping estimated 800 lbs Black Marlin fought on the Pisces 38’ C Rod. We saw consisten fishing all aroudn, with more marlin closer to port too and some nice inshore fishing for roosterfish, jack crevalle, sierra mackerel, grouper, among others. Dorado numbers are about the same as last week, with only a few sprinkled in, and tuna numbers are holding strong, even though the boats are heading out far too find them, about 30 miles or so.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report January 19th to 25th

Date: 1/29/2019

Another good week of fishing in Cabo, and looks like if you're looking for BIG tuna you should head out on a Sunday? For over a month now, we have caught yellowfin tuna over 150 lbs on every Sunday of the month! This week was no different, with anglers Dan and Kurt from LA, California, landing a 187 pound yellowfin! Marlin action is still ON; with multiple releases at the Finger Bank and up to 4 striped marlin released per boat closer by to Cabo, between the Old Lighthouse and Golden Gate. Smaller game this week included sierra, skipjack, grouper, needlefish and amberjacks.

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