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Pisces Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

January 18th to 24th ,2014

Date: 1/27/2014

Fishing was really good in Cabo this week and although striped marlin catches edged out the other species as the most likely catch, sheer numbers of tuna beat them by far. This made for great fishing because not only did close to half the boats catch marlin, they could also load up on tuna and even dorado which made a brief comeback

Fishing Reports

January 11th to 17th, 2014

Date: 1/19/2014

There is no better place to be right now than Cabo, fantastic weather, warmer than average water temperatures and superb fishing in general, with every single boat sent out by Pisces catching fish. Marlin catches were good, but with a full moon the fish were feeding at night and not quite as hungry during the daytime, nevertheless forty five percent, a little under half of the boats, did manage to hook up between one and four striped marlin. Marlin could be found most days at Golden Gate or close by, but could not always be enticed to eat even their favorite bait, mackerel.

Fishing Reports

January 4th to 10th, 2014

Date: 1/11/2014

One hundred percent of Pisces charters met with success this week as boats found marlin, tuna in large numbers, dorado and even some grouper

Fishing Reports

December 28th to January 3rd, 2014

Date: 1/7/2014

Anglers enjoyed spectacular weather whilst the rest of the world froze they enjoyed reeling in marlin & dorado

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