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Pisces Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report September 23rd to 28th

Date: 9/29/2019

There were 147 Billfish RELEASED this week by 36 boats. That’s an average of 4 billfish per boat, although we had Pisces 31’ Rebecca for example, released 19 Striped Marlin and 1 Sailfish yesterday, with 10 more marlin bites that didn't stick. We had quite a few Blue Marlin between 300 and 500 lbs released and Pisces 31’ Tiburon had a GRAND SLAM with 1 Striped marlin, 1 Blue marlin of about 300 lbs, and 1 Sailfish, plus 10 dorado (mahi). Speaking of dorado, there were 237 fish caught total with many released, respecting catch limits. There were very good sizes on the dorado as well, making it easy to pick and choose which ones to take home, from so many caught. For example, top dorado boat Pisces 28’ Andrea caught 22 Dorado in one day, with two anglers on board. They kept fish that averaged 20-30 lbs each. Now for tuna… Only 8 boats targeted tuna this week, but boy did it pay off! The 4 largest yellowfin tuna caught by Pisces 35’ Bill Collector 2 and Pisces 35’ Knot Workin’ were a 68 pounder, 118 pounder, 164 pounder and a cow-sized 286 pound yellowfin.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report September 13th to 19th

Date: 9/21/2019

Even with this week’s Hurricane Lorena, which only brought slight rain and closed the port Friday and Saturday, the amazing fishing continues. Marlin catches are down slightly, but only due to the fact that we fished less days because of this. We had 100 billfish released compared to 165 last week, but we did see more blue marlin this week, sailfish and even some spearfish released. Many boats this week caught and released up to 10 striped marlin each, with tons of more marlin bites still! Catch numbers for dorado doubled, as last week we saw over 40 dorado caught, and this week we had a total of 97, of course respecting catch limits. Tuna numbers increased as well, but also because we had more boats targeting them and, another notable fish landed this week. This time it was angler Derek Stills aboard Pisces 38’ C Rod catching a 140 lbs Yellowfin close to San Jaime Bank.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report September 6th to 13th

Date: 9/14/2019

Marlin fishing turned way up beginning the week, with striped mostly up the Pacific coast and more blues towards the Sea of Cortez. We also got a report out of the East Cape at La Ribera, of an estimated 800 lbs Black Marlin caught by local fishermen. Again this week we have had a large yellowfin of about 200 lbs caught on Pisces 25’ No Borders, which is the same boat that caught the 110 lbs yellowfin last week. These consistent large tuna and marlin catches are making for a great warm up to tourney season, starting off in exactly a month from now! And not only have we seen the large gamefish, but the striped marlin bite has heated way up. Top marlin release boat this week was Pisces 37’ Tag Team III with 16 Striped Marlin released in one day!

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report August 31st to September 6th

Date: 9/8/2019

We sure don’t get tired of saying it, ITS BEEN ONE HELL OF A WEEK in Cabo! This week was one of our best for this time of year for billfish, with a whopping 132 billfish caught and released between 30 boats, which included Sailfish, Blue marlin and Striped marlin. Throw in a nice tag recapture and re-release on one of 3 striped marlin caught on Pisces 42’ Caliente too and a 597 lbs Blue Marlin caught on Pisces 31’ Ruthless by angler Kevin Blaeholder from Texas. The weigh-in was bittersweet because the original intent was to release the fish, but the meat was shared by angler and crew and donated to our partner organization “Feeding Los Cabos Kids” , which has 14 community kitchens serving some of the poorest kids in the Los Cabos area. Apart from billfish this week, we still saw good tuna numbers for those that ignored the hot billfish bite, and they reaped rewards, for example, Pisces 25’ No Borders landed a 110 lbs Yellowfin. More dorado showed up towards the end of the week, and in decent sizes, ranging from 15 to 30 lbs each. We also saw a few wahoo (about 25 lbs) and one spearfish to close out the week, along with a few big rooster fish of about 50 lbs. Fishing has been divided between the Pacific and Sea of Cortez, with a stronger shift back to the Pacific for billfish towards the end of this week.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report August 24th to 30th

Date: 9/1/2019

Although this week saw the port closed from the 22nd to the 24th because a tropical storm nearby, the fishing did bring some nice surprises even if it was slightly inconsistent. And by inconsistent I mean for Cabo standards, as on some days we landed one fish per boat, but on others we had BIG fish and good numbers, as you can see by our percentages. Highlights this week include a 700 lbs Black Marlin released on a private boat, Hammer Time, and the epic release of an approx 215 lbs yellowfin tuna on our Pisces 31’ Tracy Ann. Tracy Ann caught a 146 pounder last week as well, and the Pisces 28’ Andrea caught an 128 lbs yellowfin this week too, along with 2 dorado and 2 striped marlin released in the same day! Other boats in the area have also reported big tuna, from 100 - 250 lbs each being caught. Dorado numbers picked up in the beginning of the week, but slowed towards the weekend. Blue marlin have been consistent, with blues caught and released almost daily, ranging from 150 to 280 lbs approx. each. Thirteen blue marlin and twenty-eight striped marlin were caught this week by Pisces.

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