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Pisces Fishing Reports

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Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report December 21st to 28th

Date: 12/29/2019

Again, an impressive week of fishing in Cabo! Eighty-three out of eighty-six boats caught fish, making for 97% catch success rate of all species combined. Largest numbers of fish caught were once again Dorado, with a staggering 394 caught (many of those released, respecting catch limits). For Tuna there were 148 caught by all boats, including an impressive 238 lbs Yellowfin aboard Pisces 40’ Chasin Tail. Marlin were up from last week, where around 10% of boats caught them, to 35% this week. Total Marlin catches were of 48 fish, all released, which included a 200 lbs Blue Marlin on Pisces 31’ Rebecca. Other species caught included Sierra Mackerel, Wahoo and a few Roosterfish.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report December 14th to 20th

Date: 12/23/2019

Another truly amazing week of fishing in Cabo. We had an incredible catch success rate of 100%! All sixty-nine boats out caught fish, and in good numbers. The dorado fishing produced the most, with 280 fish caught (of course respecting catch limits). Tuna was also extremely productive, and included fish from 150 to 215 lbs! Add in to that some decent wahoo, Sierra mackerel and rooster fish and there you have it!

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report November 24th to 30th

Date: 12/3/2019

Good fishing continues in Cabo for Billfish, Dorado and Tuna, along with numerous Wahoo starting to show up, including a 61 pounder caught on Pisces 42’ Whiskey midweek. Port was closed Wednesday due to a torrential downpour that flooded downtown Cabo, but reopened the next day. Fishing slowed only slightly upon the port reopening, but by Saturday big Yellowfin Tuna showed up again. Crews mentioned that the marlin were slightly more “picky” when feeding compared to last week; and posed a welcome challenge to anglers attempting to hook them. Still, with this, top Marlin boat this week, Pisces 31’ Ruthless released 12 Striped Marlin in one day! Dorado numbers are still strong, 228 fish caught, and as always respecting catch limits.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report November 19th to 23rd

Date: 11/24/2019

Incredible catch success rates this week, even with a limited number of fishing days due to port closing Sunday and Monday from tropical storm Raymond. Tuesday however, kicked off with a bang - with one tuna of around 120 lbs caught on Pisces 37’ Viking BBII, many marlin released, and as has been the trend, more dorado than we can keep. The rest of the week continued to produce good numbers in all species, including another FIVE BIG yellowfin tuna, all between 150 and 200 pounds, with 100 YFT caught total in the week. There were 409 dorado caught by 82 vessels, that averages out to about 5 fish per boat; some however, caught up to 20 dorado each. Pisces 31’ Ruthless for example, caught 22 dorado, plus Blue and Striped Marlin in the same day! Billfish releases totaled seventy-two; including blue marlin, black marlin, striped marlin and sailfish. Other catches included mainly wahoo, sierra, skipjack.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report November 10th to 16th

Date: 11/17/2019

Close to 100% catch success rate this week once again, with 90 out of 93 vessels catching fish. Dorado was undoubtedly the most abundant, with an astonishing 398 dorado caught and always respecting catch limits with releases. Billfish percentages were actually one point higher than last week, meaning still about half of our boats caught marlin and sailfish, but the numbers of fish are less in comparison: 84 billfish total. This is mainly because the marlin are not conglomerating at the Old Lighthouse area anymore and have spread out, and also because the dorado are numerous and relatively close by, between Los Arcos and Migrino mostly; anglers are choosing to go for the easy and delicious target instead, and are lucky to land marlin there too. The tuna fishing continues to impress, a total of 142 caught with several fish between 100 and 200 lbs each.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report November 3rd to 9th

Date: 11/10/2019

This week not only brought great fishing, but it saw two important events for us in Cabo. The first was our 4th Annual Satellite tagging study on Striped Marlin with GrayFishTag Research and the second was the WON Los Cabos Tuna Jackpot. Both were very exciting and successful events - with three satellite tags deployed on healthy striped marlin weighing around 130 lbs each. Pisces did well, with 5 of our boats hitting the dock with very decent fish. There were 218 tuna caught total for the fleet this week. Aside from this, marlin fishing was still incredible, with crews focusing on fish right off the Old lighthouse. This week, the billfish releases totaled 229 fish, mostly striped marlin but also sailfish and a few blues still around. To close out the week, on November 9th only, we caught 64 dorado, with a total of 204 fish caught for this week, respecting catch limits. And in other catches, it was very nice to see some wahoo coming through, again between 30 and 40 lbs each, and even a nice 50 pounder caught on Pisces 35’ Bill Collector 2. We also saw a few roosterfish for those that fished closer to shore on the Pacific.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report October 27th to Nov 2nd

Date: 11/3/2019

The season’s fishing is not slowing down any time soon. Almost 100% success rate for our boats this week, with a total of 108 boats out, and 106 catching fish! Numbers: 291 Billfish released, which included striped marlin, blue marlin (between 200 - 300 lbs) and sailfish. The striped marlin have moved much closer to Cabo now too, with most catches this week, of up to 15 stripeys released per boat, caught no further than the Old Lighthouse area. There were 160 Tuna caught this week; including a cow-sized 220 lbs yellowfin caught on 33’ Sea Bum. Dorado numbers this week did go down somewhat, with 40 fish caught total. Other catches this week included wahoo mainly, some skipjack and bonita and even a pair of roosterfish sprinkled in.

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report October 20th to 26th

Date: 10/27/2019

This week saw the “Super Bowl of Sportfishing”, the 39th Bisbees Black & Blue Tournament, come and go with a total pot of just over $4 Million dollars. The three top teams took a check of over a million dollars each. Our Pisces 35’ Knot Workin’ with an all-local crew, headed by Captain Tito Oloascoaga and anglers also made it to the scales, weighing a 370 pound Blue Marlin. They missed out on the monies, as one heavier fish got in between them, and they ended up taking 6th place in the tournament. You can see the full winners list and earnings by clicking HERE. The numbers for catches this week were very good once again, with over 90% of boats catching fish. There were 200 Billfish caught and released, 145 Dorado, many of which were released to respect catch limits, and quite a few Wahoo nearing 40 to 50 lbs too. And although Yellowfin tuna were targeted by only 20% of boats, there were 134 fish caught with many of those tuna weighing between 100 and 200 lbs!

Fishing Reports


Date: 10/27/2019

The 39th Edition of the Bisbees Black And Blue has come to an end - Here are the Results!

Fishing Reports

Pisces Fish Report October 13th to 20th

Date: 10/22/2019

This week got off to a slower start than last, due mostly to a surprising storm that caught everyone off guard. The Storm which came through Saturday to Monday brought a torrential downpour that closed the port and pushed the Los Cabos Billfish Tourney over a day. Two tournaments took place this week, the Los Cabos Billfish and the Bisbees Offshore, the first had 51 boats entered, while the second had 119 boats and a $1.3 Million Dollar Pot. The full run-down of standings and prizes can be found HERE, or under our News Tab. Billfish numbers were still good, 133 fish released total this week, which included nice sized Blue Marlin, averaging about 200 - 250 lbs each. Pisces 72’ Tag Team took the Release Division in the Bisbees with four Blue Marlin and 3 Striped Marlin over the course of two days. There were 176 dorado caught, which were slightly smaller in size compared to last week, averaging between 10 and 20 lbs. Tuna catches totaled 94 fish, which included a nice 157 lbs Yellowfin for Pisces 38’ C Rod during the Bisbees that won them $132,430 USD. Other catches included wahoo mainly, with Pisces 35’ Bill Collector 2 taking 1st place in the Wahoo Division of the Los Cabos Billfish with a 29.2 pounder.

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