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Fishing Report: September 29th to Oct 1st, 2014

Overall Catch Success Rate 100%

BILLFISH & OTHER SPECIES: This fish report does not follow our regular format as we have not been conducting normal business due to Hurricane Odile and now post hurricane lack of visitors.

As mentioned on our websites and posts, all of the Pisces boats are fine with only 60 ft Shambala suffering some minor fiberglass damage.

Since the storm we have had three trips so far, all of which were successful.

On September 29th Sean & Craig from Denver, Colorado went out aboard Bill Collector and caught 25 dorado (some released)  just off the Old Lighthouse.

Next day out Henry and Joe from Mount Pleasant, Missouri were aboard C Rod  our 38 ft Blackfin. They were determined to make it to Cabo to fish as it was Henry’s birthday.  Cabo did not disappoint and Henry was able to reel in a 300 lb blue marlin that took him and hour and a half to bring to the boat after it took a live skipjack at the Cabrillo Sea Mount.  Joe was fortunate to release a striped marlin that took a caballito.

On October 1st Henry and Joe headed out once again aboard C Rod this time going the opposite direction, off of the Old Lighthouse.  It wasn’t long before Captain Abel had each of them hooked up to striped marlin, this time on ballyhoo.  The fish were between 90 and 130 lbs and successfully released, while two dorado were kept for the table.  It was an exciting day as they had actually hooked a blue marlin that got away, plus an additional two striped marlin that jumped off.

Pisces anglers had a 100% catch success rate consisting of 3 striped marlin, 1 blue marlin and 27 dorado.

WEATHER: Gorgeous, blue calm seas, skies now clear.
LOCATION:  11.50 spot, Cabrillo & Old Lighthouse
BEST LURES: Live skipjack and caballito for marlin or ballyhoo, sardines for dorado.
Based on the catches of Pisces.

Author: Tracy Ehrenberg

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