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Pisces Sportfishing Testimonials

The following are unsolicited excerpts from some of the correspondence sent to Pisces by our customers. We love getting feedback from our customers, so if you've been fishing with Pisces recently and would like to tell us about your experience, please email us.

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January 7, 2016 (via email)

Hi Eduardo!

I just wanted to thank the crew that took care of us this past Monday during our trip on the Adriana. They were fantastic!! We caught two Dorado and thoroughly enjoyed eating them that same night J We will definitely recommend Pisces to everyone we know. We already shared our experience with a few different groups at the pool at our resort. Happy New Year!

Tara Crozat

January 1, 2016 (via email)

Hi Oscar,

I wanted to let you know my son and I had an awesome time on 12/27/15 with Captain Tony on Pichurro. We caught two marlin on the day with a third one breaking off. If my son and I caught 3 marlin that day, that would be pretty EPIC in my book! Tony says that this striped marlin in the picture is around 120lbs. This is my second charter with the Pisces Fleet and I look forward to the next time I'm fishing with Pisces!

Curtis Lee

December 29, 2015 (via email)

Hi Eduardo!

The boys were very satisfied with their trip! They said the captain was very helpful and very knowledgable. My son also released his first Striped Marlin which was a very special experience for him that he will remember forever! Everyone caught fish and everyone had a great time. It was more than we could of asked. Thank you for being so helpful in the booking process. I'm so glad Mark referred Pisces to us. Your services were outstanding. We will definitely fish with you again soon!

All the best,
Wendy Maurer

December 28, 2015 (via email)


I wanted to thank you guys for setting up a great trip for us on such short notice. Most of us were new to deep sea fishing, but everyone recognized the professionalism and excellence of the Pisces team. The dock-master (I forget his name) made sure we were processed quickly -- he was extremely efficient, and we were able to head out at a reasonable time in spite of us arriving late only because of him. We didn't get to pick out our lunches (because we missed the deadline to make selections), but we had a good variety of lunch and drinks selected by your team.

Captain Julio and his crew (Abraham among them) were incredible. It was obvious that they were respected by all the other boats in the area -- we noticed other boats trailing us, following Captain Julio's lead. More important, they caught us some great fish on what we understand was a very bad day for fishing. Within an hour we caught a good sized dorado. We had little experience with reeling in big fish, but Captain Julio and Abraham helped us along while at the same time throwing us in the action.

Once we hit deep sea, some of us got sea sick, but the boat was comfortable enough for many to sleep it off. Within 3 hours the excitement kicked off again with a huge marlin (I think striped) that the crew helped us reel in. Abraham and the other mate made sure we all got pictures with this awesome fish. Again, we all appreciated those extra steps.

We didn't catch any other fish, but we could tell Captain Julio was doing a great job tracking potential fish. And we were able to follow what seemed like dozens of dolphins and sea turtles along the way. More importantly, no other boats that we saw caught anything, so we felt extremely lucky to score two great catches. Others from the resort who took the $300 outings from the coyotes came back empty.

I feel compelled to write a review on trip advisor because you guys were so awesome. The Pieces team is just at another level compared to the competition.

Thanks again!
Jon Ostrega

"Dear Pisces,

Just a quick note to thank all of you at Pisces for our great day fishing on Tuesday, August 30th. There can be no harder working crew than JR and Luis on REBECCA, who are just incredible. Ten tuna, five dorado and a released striped marlin made for a special day for me, my wife, son and his girlfriend who was on her first ever fishing trip.

The Pisces experience from booking the trip in your office, to the dock and fishing to dinner at Capt. Tonys (with fresh sashimi) was, as always, first class and is the reason we return year after year. Attached are some photos. Once again, thank you so much for such great memories. Happy Birthday to our pal, Mario! "

Glenn, Sue, Bryan Daehnke and Beth Wilhour

Dear Tracy and Jorge,

Thank you again for a wonderful fishing experience. Pisces always provides us with the greatest service and of course the most successful fishing. We went out 2 times on La Brisa and brought in a total of 3 Dorado's and 2 striped marlin. We are thrilled. While the water was a little rougher than we've had in the past, fishing was just as great. I've attached some pictures. Thank you again and we look forward to our next visit."

Dirk and Tricia Rachfall, New Westminster, BC Canada

Pisces Customer Dirk With one of his Dorado's

"Sept. 20th my wife and myself fished on the Rebecca with Capt. Roberto and first mate Louis (second mate as well, forgot name). This was the fifth deep sea adventure of my life (plus 60 yrs). By far the best experience yet! Sure it helps to catch a 40lb.+ dorrado and a blue marlin in the 200lb. range. Only bummer the blue expired and unable to release, definitely no fault of crew! Would I fish with them agin? Everyday if I could! Would try them agin even if we had been skunked, even though I have limited deep sea fishing experience I can't imagine any crew better than this one. Locals told me Pisces was the best and when the hawkers approached you to fish with them and I told them I was fishing with Pisces they would admit they were the best. Hope to get back someday while I still can, and it will be with Pisces!"

Wayne Francis, Kansas

"This trip was epic. Our first fish was a sailfish, 95 inches and in the boat by 9:15. We caught the sail on an expertly sewed bait by Luis. Thereafter, we got into the tuna. My wife caught 13 of them and we ended up with a total of 24. I think this trip may have ruined her as I don’t know how the next one could be better. Our captain, Ramon, and deckhand, Luis, were fantastic. The were very warm, cordial, efficient and professional. At one point, we had 5 tuna hooked up at the same time- everyone on the boat had a pole with one still in the rod holder. Luis expertly and efficiently worked a pole and gaffed fish at the same time while trying give us the chance to reel them in. Undoubtedly, they were the best fishing crew I have been with on my 20-plus offshore trips in Mexico, Costa Rica, Texas and Florida. Thank you Pisces, Captain Ramon and Luis. We will be back soon.

My wife and I would like to thank Pisces and the Rebecca Crew for another fantastic fishing trip. I have fished with Pisces on all four of my trips to Cabo and each trip has been even better than the last. We have caught billfish on each previous trip- this time we caught a sailfish, which was a first for me. In the past, we have been fortunate enough to get into the blue and striped marlins along with dorado.
Tight lines and Adios"

Derek and Jaime
Texas - August 2014

"Tracey and Company,

As usual our annual fishing trip with ya'll was a tremendous success. On 11-8-09 aboard the Ruthless with Captain Leon and Beto we caught 8 Dorados, 1 Striped Marlin (caught by my brother-in-law Pat Collins his first Marlin about 180 lbs.)and a 50lb Wahoo (my personal best) on 11-10-09 aboard the Adrianna with Captain Enrique and Fernando we asked for a shot at some Rooster fish after 30 minutes that request was satisfied and we went on to catch many Dorados and my 9th Striped Marlin on your fleet. Once again thank the Captains and crews for a great time and we will be back next year."

"Dear Tracy,

Capt. Fred here. I have just completed my 35th year fishing in Cabo San Lucas, this included bring my boat down several times from Californa in the old days. I started off in the old Tartuga Fleet and working up to the Pisces Fleet. I always have fished a panga with Enrique "Tiliche" Gonzalez for over 17 years and have gotten a lot of fish over the years, even a Blue Marlin. But, I always take a Pisces every year for the larger fish.Last year it was Tuna and a Sailfish.

The crews and the office staff have always acted professional in every step of the way, from booking the trip to having the fish cleaned. This year, I talked 3 other couples to come to Cabo to enjoy the fishing experience. On Nov. 9th, we had a once in a life time fishing trip on the Rebeeca with Capt. Jose Alucano and mate Luis Cota. We hooked 9 Striped Marlin and released 8 Marlin and 2 Dorado.

I have fished around the world for billfish including the Pacific Rim, Central and South America and this was the best fishing day of my life (I am almost 70). The men on the boat with me had a great time fishing, but do not understand how great a day it was, since this is their first experience at billfishing.

I would just like to thank you, your boat crew, the office staff, and the dock crew for the best fishing day in my life."

Capt. Fred, Punta Gorda, Florida

Hi Ady,

Thank you very much for your excellent service in arranging the Tracy Ann for us for the Cabo Tuna Jackpot Tournament. Both Julio and Martín were very professional, especially in finding us striped marlin.

Looking forward to fishing with Pisces again in the future.
Anders Oldenburg

"Hot, hot, hot is the best way to describe the weather in Cabo for our week long visit. We have been to Cabo 4 times in the last 22 years, the first time being for our honeymoon, the last time 2 years ago as a 20 year celebration. We’ve always gone fishing and had great success and we’ve always golfed too. This trip we decided that we can golf anywhere but we can’t fish for Dorado and Marlin in very many places so we left the clubs at home and settled on two days of fishing. After cruising the web prior to our departure, I was most impressed with Pisces and decided to head to their office on the first day of our trip. Every boat had great write ups and sounded like they would be great choices. We did know that we wanted a big enough boat that could get us to the fish fast and gave us lots of room to fight the big one! Little did we know that we would really need that space. We settled on La Brisa with Captain Rey Winkler and Salvador. The awesome 31 foot boat had room to sit, room to recline and room to walk – great! Day one saw us heading out early. Immediately when we put in our lines, we brought aboard a small dorado. We had agreed that Dirk would bring in the first fish. Next to hit was a 130 lb Striped Marlin. This was my fish! I have landed dorados, tunas, and a sailfish but never a marlin. It was very exciting and he put on a great show. We saw many other stripers but none would take our hook. At 1pm, the excitement really began! While I was looking elsewhere, Dirk saw a fish come out of the water and take hold of the closest squid plug and then was gone. The rod danced, the crew jumped and the next thing there was a fish dancing across the water about 60 yards off the side of the boat. I didn’t think it was the same fish that was on our line as it was now dancing beside our boat in the same direction about 80 yards away. Since it was fish number 3, it was Dirk’s to bring in. Well, away we go, it was our fish and as Salvador exclaimed “it’s a blue!” After the initial dancing, the fish went way down and we never saw him again until he was beside the boat being hauled in. This was a BIG fish. Turns out all estimated it at over 300 lbs. It was strapped to the back of the boat and after an hour of fighting it, we turned in and headed for home. After lots of pictures and congratulations by many fishermen and observers, we turned the fish over to the crew who had it hauled away and filleted for the team.

Afterwards while sitting on the boardwalk having a well deserved drink, we saw many a person go by with a bag of fish – we wanted to say “that’s our fish!” Day two, after a day of recovery by the pool, we set out again. The waters were so calm and we flew along to the fishing grounds. The day started pretty much the same as day one except the first dorado was a 35 lber that I brought in. Great fish that we later had filleted with us having some sent to a local restaurant (Captain Tony’s) which was excellent! Another couple of hours later, and after out racing and casting several other boats, Salvador expertly hooked a striped marlin of about the same size as the day before and Dirk had another Marlin which we again released. The day was going similar to the previous trip that I was now awaiting for my Blue marlin to hit. It didn’t have the fairy tale ending this time. We didn’t catch anymore, I think it was to do with the wonderful calm water, great for fishing, not so good for catching! Overall we had a wonderful fishing experience. We’ve been on many boats and if you’re deciding on going bigger or smaller, bigger is worth every dollar. Our crew was fantastic, Capt’n Rey, Salvador and Rey Jr., and the other pleasant surprise was the great people in the office and on the dock for check in and when we returned.

Thank you guys, you made us feel like part of the Pisces family. We will most definitely choose Pisces on our next fishing adventure in Cabo"
Dirk and Tricia, Vancouver, BC, Canada

April 5, 2016

Hello Abraham,

Our family had a wonderful time today! Thank you so much! Please tell Beto and Roberto how much we enjoyed it! It was a day we will never forget! Here are the Marlin pictures for your website.

Thank you,

Kim, Chad and Laken Schiefelbein

Sep. 30, 2014

I wanted to express my exuberant satisfaction with this company.

First, we were in Cabo for my boyfriend's 40th Birthday! All he wanted for his birthday was to catch a marlin. So we followed the Marlin to Cabo. I started researching Fishing Charters from my home town. It is very hard to pick one with the internet these days. However, it was clear that Pisces by far, out rated any of the other charters there. I booked our Fishing charter, and we were ready for our trip.

Once we got down there, many other fishing charters were trying to get us to go out on their boats, when we told them we already had a boat booked with Pisces, they all said, "Very good charter". It was very impressive to me that not only did they have a great internet reputation, but literally among their peers, they were highly respected as well.

It finally came time for our fishing day. We showed up early, greeted so nicely. They have their own section in the harbor, which was so active and full of action at the crack of dawn! It was very exciting to watch all the Pisces fisherman out early getting their boats ready for the day. When we arrived on the boat, the crew was super friendly. We told them we wanted to catch a Marlin, and they were going to do anything they could to ensure that.

Not only did they have our private boat ready for just us in our party, but they had our lunch packed, live bait ready to go.

They headed straight out to sea where the fish were catching. We went out over 2 hours to get to the hot spot, they were not cheap, and they did what they could to help us catch a marlin.

Low and be hold, we caught 2 striped marlins, 3 darados!! The best part of our crew was, they would be keeping their eye out for the marlin, watching them jump, and then they would chase them with live bait and get them on the hook for the fisherman to bring them in.

All in all, this process was seamless, they made it easy for us upon returning to the dock. Needless to say we tipped the boat captains with fish and money- after all, they deserved it!

In addition, when all was said and done, we went to the gift shop and purchased all things Pisces! They not only back up what they promise, they have a great reputation around town, and they are the popular place to fish! We will definitely be booking Pisces for our next fishing trip to Cabo!

Kaelyn S.

Thank you for the report Abraham. I just want to mention that my family and I had a magnificent time. Captain Abel, and first mate Daniel are amazing fishermen!!! My target fish was Blue Marlin, an they got me one!!! Not only are they great fishermen, but really nice guys as well. They ran out very far to get that Blue, and they kept lines in the water a lot longer than they had to, to please the family and make sure we all caught fish. MISSION ACCOMPLISHED!!!!!

Thank you once again! We had a blast, and accomplished mi mission of catching my first Blue Marlin. Jorge A.

The Sheehan family had a great day once again fishing with Pisces the Captain Nicholas and first mate Salvatore hooked into this 160# Striped Marlin which our Grandson Garret brought in. This was his and his brother Austin and Mother Melissa's first deep sea fishing trip . Great first catch ! We also caught 5 Tuna and a Bonita very busy day for all on board.

Thanks and see you again next year,
Jim and Barbara Sheehan

It was a lot of fun. Next time I am going to book a few days of fishing. Captain Ramon is very cordial and warm. Luis is like a fisherman with 30 years of expert experience but has the energy and enthusiasm of a 12 year old. I could tell that they truly love to be on the water with customers and get great joy out of seeing us catch fish. They were especially accommodating to my wife. She is now hooked on fishing.

Thanks again and have a great day.

We chartered the Cabolero captained by Lupe on Friday July 11th. This is the second time I have fished with Pisces, with both times on the Cabolero. The first trip was a few years ago in April, and we caught five striped marlin. This latest trip we had some rougher seas (5' to 8') due to persistent wind that picked up a few hours after departing from port. We still pulled in a striped marlin and a nice sailfish; we measured and photographed them before releasing back to the ocean. We had hoped for some tuna to take home, and Capt. Lupe definitely hunted as far as 40 miles south of port, but that's the way it goes sometimes with the weather. I appreciate the crew's efforts to hunt tuna, and to get us a couple of large bill-fish before the day came to an end.

Over the next few days, we noticed the seas were much more calm as we enjoyed our vacation in Cabo. I think this is why it is probably a good idea to charter two to three days of fishing to have a shot at more fish. Rolling the dice on a single day of fishing can have mixed results. We look forward to fishing with Pisces again on our next trip!

Ron W.
Houston Texas

What a fantastic 2 days aboard the Ruthless with Captain Julio and Martine!

Our first day out was a quiet one and not a fish in sight, but patience won out because as we trolled to shore, my husband had the catch of his life - a 160 pound striped marlin, without the eagle eyes of our crew, we never would have made that catch. Our second day out, was even more of a success. My husband caught a second marlin, a sailfish and I was able to catch my first marlin! Without the help of the crew I never would have been able to reel her in. Martine was like an acrobat on deck and every opportunity to fish was capitalized on. My own fear or boats subsided and I was completely at ease. We even caught a Mahi which we happily took back to our hotel and ate for dinner!! What a thrill!!

It was an amazing first fishing experience and pardon the expression, I am hooked!! Thanks to Pisces, Captain Julio and his mate Martine for a wonderful experience, I know we will be back soon.

Lori and David,

New York, June 16th & 17th, 2014

Our fishing trip with Pisces was truly magnificent!!! On a day after a full moon, we were hooking striped Marlin 2 at a time!! We went out with the awesome crew of the "La Brisa". Captain Rey has over 20 yrs experience and it shows. He put us right on the fish on a day when fishing wasn't so great. Captain Rey's 1st mate, Salvador, is real pro. After a while it was obvious that Salvador was a life long fisherman. We really enjoyed talking to him between fish. The muscle of the crew was Rey's son Junior. He has recently turned 18 and happy to be able to join his fathers crew. Junior was very eager to help with anything and he is very handy lifting big fish. There were three of us and our hopes were to catch a Marlin or two. We landed 4 striped Marlin just under 200lbs. We hooked 6 but lost 2. We also caught a 7' or 8' hammerhead shark. All of this within 5 hours. Captain Rey asked us "Do you want some more?", but we were all worn out from constant fighting. We were done. Our hopes and dreams came true! We went in a few hours early,...exhausted,....and smiling!! We came in with 9 flags flying. Kings of the harbor! The three of us are religious, experienced freshwater fisherman. It was very obvious that our crew were experienced professionals. I would recommend this crew to anyone. If you want the best,....Go Pisces!! If we ever get a chance to go again,...we will be calling for Captain Rey Winkler and the crew of the "La Brisa"!!!

Louis B. Frisco,

Texas, May 13, 2014

"My family and I took our first Marlin fishing trip with Captain Victor and Fernando on the Speedwell II. We caught a Marlin and a Dorado. We lost two other Marlin, but hey... That's fishing! These men went above and beyond to get us on fish! I recommend that if you want a great fishing experience ask for this crew and boat! You won't be disappointed!

We will be back.
Thank you for an awesome experience!"

Adrian Robles & Family

"Thank you guys. We had a fantastic day! Proof if why you ALWAYS book a full day, we didn't get our first take down until 2 PM on the way home. Kudos to the crew, they gave us an extra hour during which we caught the 3 dorados and had 6 Marlin in the baits. Got 2 Stripers on the line but both spit the baits. All of the action was between 2PM and 3 PM. I love that boat and I love the crew, and will always recommend them."

Justin, Cabo.

"We had an amazing Striped Marlin fishing trip in April 2014 with the Pisces Group in Cabo San Lucas. In two days we (two fisherman) caught 9 Striped Marlin. The captains and crew were extremely knowledgeable, professional and polite; plus they worked very hard to get us on the fish. If you want a professional and successful fishing trip in Cabo, call the Pisces Group!"

Wade M, Texas. April 2014

We had the experience of a lifetime fishing with Pisces in Cabo. We've fished with other companies and caught fish, but never the Marlin we were after. Between 7am and 11am we had caught 6...yes 6 Marlin weighing from 150-175 lbs. We were hoping to see one jump, maybe catch one or if we were incredibly lucky 2...but all four of us got to reel in our own Marlin!!! (and our husbands each got two)... I'm five foot one and other fishing boats said the women would not be able to fish for Marlin. Pisces said "Of course!" Booking was easy, the boat was very clean and comfortable-bathroom was great! Our Captain and co-captain were awesome and made the trip something we'll never forget. The meal was top notch for a picnic lunch and this company really knows what they are doing. We've fished in Cabo before, but never had an experience like this. If you want to catch with PISCES!!! You won't regret it!! Very Professional, safe...and they know how to catch fish!!! Thank you Pisces...we will recommend you to anyone going to Cabo hoping to catch a Marlin!

Visited February 2014

"Hi Tracy,

Well, we made it back to NJ with some really great memories of Cabo largely due to you and the team at Pisces. Thanks for getting me out a second time with Capt Leon and Rosario, it was an excellent trip with plenty of mahi and my first blue marlin. Absolutely unforgettable! I know we'll be back, and will certainly be out with Pisces again in the future.

I posted a review on Trip Advisor, and will be recommending Pisces to others planning to visit Cabo in the future.

Again, many many thanks for helping to make this 40th anniversary trip the trip of a lifetime."


"Dear Tracy,

Thank you and your staff for the great trip I had this weekend September 12th and 13th .Captain J.R, and first mate Luis I cannot say enough about their skills. And of course being on the Rebecca which is a great battle wagon for fishing. For years I have been fishing up and down the Mexican Pacific Coast as in Acapulco ,Puerto Vallarta,Zihuatanejo,and of course in Cabo San Lucas with Pisces. I want to tell you no one else even comes close to how you take care of the client. As in equipment, boats, office staff, dock master, preparing the catch to travel back home, and of course the catch and release program you have with all billfish. Thank You Very Much "

Thomas H., Houston, Texas

"Just wanted to let you know how wonderful our experience was with the Pisces fleet, best of all we caught and released 2 marlin. The boat, the excitement of the morning boarding, out to the sea but the very best was wonderful captain Nicholas and his mates, the skill at handling the boat, fishing and making the 2 days we spent with them just the best. Your organization should be proud to have such skilled people as part of the team. Thanks for a great vacation and the very best 16th birthday present a young man who loves fishing could possible have."

Judy Marshall

June 9, 2015 (via email)

Incredible fishing day on a Panga Poseidon with captain Omar Araiza and our guest anglers Peter Couey and Greg Johnson from Santa Barbara, CA.

"Thanks to Pisces for a great fishing trip, especially our Captain and Guide Omar. Our double Marlin hookup and the landing of both fish was a thrill and wouldn’t have happened without his skill and fishing expertise!!

Thanks again Omar!"
Peter Couey

Photos courtesy by Peter Couey

May 5, 2015 (via our Facebook page)

Happy Cinco de Mayo!

Just wanted to pass along a huge thank you for two great days of fishing last week. As you can see from the picture we had some good luck, particularly on Monday the 27th aboard the Tracy Ann with Captain Rosendo and deck hands Martin and Sylvester when we hooked 4 marlin and a pilot shark. We were able land 3 of the marlin and almost had the shark in. This crew was unbelievable! The 29th was a bit tougher but Captain Rosendo and deck hand Francisco worked hard to get us one last marlin hooked and landed at the end of the day.

This being our first deep sea experience we weren't sure what to expect but please know that we had the trip of a lifetime with your program and plan to be back in the fall to book consecutive days with Pisces again!

Sam Hendrix

February 28, 2015 (via our Facebook page)

We received this review from Greg Jackson on our Facebook page, and wanted to share it with you:

"Went fishing with Pisces on February 11th and 13th February 2015. We fished on the La Brisa and Rebecca. The first day on the La Brisa weather was nice with calm seas. Fishing was slow but that is fishing. The Deckhand Roberto and Captain Rey were spot on when we did hookup. We had one marlin shred 3 baits but couldn't get him hooked up. After 6 fish and 5 hookups we did manage to get 3 in the boat; 1 marlin and 2 Dorado. The 2nd Day was on the Rebecca. Again Captain and Deckhand, sorry dont remember their names, were spot on when we did get hooked up. We only seen one marlin but did get 2 Dorado. The day was unusually cold and the seas were rough. So the Captain was quite busy with the boat.

I have taken several different Charters out of Cabo and Pisces Sportfishing is the only one I would use again. There were issues with the other Charters but I will not mention them here. The resort hooked up 3 and one other I chartered. I will give a shout out to Pat for her patience with the Crazy guy that must have sent 500 emails. Lastly the Marlin was released, and the Dorado sure did taste good. What we didn't think we would eat we gave to the Captain to distribute how he seen fit. They were prepared at an outdoor cafe about 50 yards from the boat. A place simply called Fisherman's. The guys on the Dock in the morning were very helpful with getting us to our boats. I felt we were rushed a bit. But I think we should have gotten there earlier than 06:30 as there were others wanting to get to their boats also. This same group of guys were also waiting at the Boat as it backed into the slip, wanting to know if you were taking your catch, if you wanted it mounted and letting you know that almost all the restaurants on the wharf."

Greg Jackson

February 5, 2015 (via email)

We are very grateful to Samuel for this wonderful review he sent to us by email. He fished with Captain Julio on the Bill Collector: "Julio was a terrific captain and we caught loads of fish and will be back and would recommend him to everyone. I have fished over 60 years and he is among the best."

Samuel S. Moore,
Dallas, Texas

Oct 28, 2014 (via our Facebook Page)

I’ve been fishing with Pisces for more than 20 years now, this year was very special for me and my son, Daniel, his Birthday trip. The first time I brought him down he was 19, now 43.

Day one, I fished with may son, Daniel Pimentel and my good friend of Cabo, Galileo Vega. We fished on the, Tiburon, with Captain Rosendo Gomez and deckhands Nicolas and Francisco. We caught 9 nice size Dorado and caught and released two striped Marlin.

Day two, we fished on the La Brisa with Captain Ray Winkler and his deckhands Ray Jr. and Fernando. We caught 16 Dorado, releasing many small ones and keeping only the larger dorado.

Day three, my son, Daniel left for home and I again fished on the La Brisa. La Brisa is the first boat we fished on over twenty years ago, my favorite boat, Captain and crew.

This third trip was with my fishing buddy from the San Francisco Bay Area, Dave Avilez. We caught one Dorado and a Striped Marlin weighing 120 lb. Generally, I’m for catch and release and my friend Dave had released his first Marlin a couple of years ago but, we decided to keep this one. All will be released in the future. Because we were about ten miles West of the Lighthouses I decided we should troll our way back Easterly to the Marina in order to keep the morning sun off the Marlin. on the dive platform. It was a very short day, we left the dock at 6:30 and we were back at 10:30. the fish were caught in the first 2 1/2 hours.

Over the years I’ve fished a few other boats other than Pisces, either because the Pisces boats I wanted were already booked or because a friend wanted me to join them. If you want a boat ride, it really doesn’t matter there’s a lot companies, choose one. But if you want to go fishing and return with a nice days catch, go Pisces, They are the Best. Period.

Lou Pimentel
Northern California


One final thing, your entire company is fantastic. My wife and I were in Cabo for the first time in ’06 and not knowing any better, we arranged a charter through a timeshare presentation at PB Sunset Beach. No one caught anything, my wife spent the entire day seasick, and the boat had to be towed in at the end of the day. I can’t remember the name of the company, but it definitely was not Pisces. In ’07, I arranged for a share ahead of time and chose Pisces. I didn’t catch anything, but the experience couldn’t have been more different from the previous year’s trip. Everyone I dealt with at Pisces was professional, friendly, and very helpful. It made choosing a charter company a no-brainer for future fishing. The ’08 trip was just as good, with fishing results better – I caught two Marlin, while the boat’s total was one Dorado and five or six Marlin. I hope I’ll be able to make it down again in ’09 (if not, it’ll definitely be in ’10). I love to get the fishing updates that you send out! It definitely makes want to start planning my next trip. While fishing itself may be somewhat of a gamble, choosing Pisces is a safe bet. I mention this to everyone when I hear they’re going to Cabo.

Thanks again for everything. Have a great New Year!
Michael Kyle Las Vegas, NV.

Hola, We want to thank you for the fishing trip of a lifetime. My husband, Robert Richards and our boys John and Jordan went out on the Adriana with Capt. Enrique and Ferdinand. They landed 6 Striped Marlin and had a blast. We will highly recommend your fishing company. Thanks again for the great memories.

Tracy Quinn Buzz Richards John Lemerand Jordan Richards

We fished on the Valerie Thursday, December 11 and had a phenomenal experience. Nicholas, Roseando, and Julio were great! We caught our first ever marlin (striped) as soon as we got out to the Golden Gate and the bites did not slow down. We ended up landing 5 striped marlin and had an amazing time on the water. We saw hundreds of sea lions, several whales, and upwards of 100 marlin. Our captain and mates were constantly working, changing the bait and their tactics, to help us get as many fish as we could! Not only did they help us get our catches in the boat, they also took pictures of us fighting our fish and even got a priceless photo of our "double" hook-up, making it a memory we will never forget! Again, we cannot say enough good things about our experience with Pisces. We absolutely recommend Pisces to anyone looking for a great day of sport-fishing! We will be back next year and plan to book again with Pisces. An old saying says "you get what you pay for" and we absolutely believe that to be true in our experience with Pisces. Although Pisces is a little higher priced than some competitors, it is without-a-doubt worth the expense! We have fished with another reputable company in Cabo, and although they were respectable, our experience with Pisces does not even compare to our experience with the other. Pisces far surpassed our expectations! Thank you Tracy and crew for a great day in Cabo!

Happy Holidays!
Todd Barile and Sara Knafel Fort Wayne, IN

Hi Tracy,

Just wanted to share with you the McIntrye Family fishing experience this week (12/23) aboard "Rebecca & Ruthless". The LaFace brothers of Milwaukee, WI aboard Rebecca caught and released 6 Striped Marlin, 2 Dorado and 1 Hammerhead Shark - while Palmers, Flemings and Uncle Bruce of Minneapolis caught 6 Marlin and 1 Dorado. I have included a picture of 11 yr old Colton LaFace w/ Dad (Sal) boating the largest striped marlin caught aboard Rebecca on the 23rd for your fishing report consideration - I know Colton would be thrilled to see the picture on line if posted. Thanks for your consideration.

Happy New Year!
Sal LaFace Oconomowoc, WI

We fished on the "Ruthless" on Tuesday December 9, 2008. My son and son-in-law caught their first marlins. My granddaughter and daughter also hooked-up their first marlin which I brought to the boat for release. The trip was anticipated for most of the year and greatly exceeded my expectations. The "Ruthless" crew is unbelievable in how well they work together and helped our first time marlin fishermen catch and release four fish. The action was continuous with one hook-up after the next. I have fished Pisces often with the Sandy Schwinn group and never disappointed. Thank you so much for making this day of our Cabo vacation so successful. Please thank the "Ruthless" Captain and crew for a fabulous day.

Mark Marcus

Hello Pisces,

We would like to thank you for guiding us to an awesome two days of marlin fishing, the honesty and loyalty of your business and staff is greatly appreciated. Captain Rey from "La Brisa" is by far the best with just enoughagressiveness to do what it takes tu put you on the fish, his first mate Ernesto was just as professional and provided us with great enterteinment. This was a trip of a lifetime and we will return, its been years since my brother and I spent quality time together and you made it happen here in Cabo.

Jerry & Joe Malangone, New Jersey

"Dear Pisces,

Wendy and I want to let you know how much we enjoyed our fishing experience with you. You were all very helpful and made our trip. Thank you very much...See you next time we are in Cabo"

"Dear Pisces,

On behalf of Glenn and Diane Schneck and Michael and Melissa Segreaves (Orlando, FL) we wanted to thank the entire Pisces team for the excellent time we had on our recent fishing charter. Your customer service and professionalism throughout the experience was incredible - From the greeting we received outside of your establishment on the pier, to the staff on the fishing boat, to the feast we enjoyed at the restaurant next door it was an amazing experience. Being cruise passengers, we were only in port for a short while, aboard "Ruthless" with Captain Leon Camach and Beto, they accommodated our schedule and allowed us to catch 10 Dorado - what fun it was reeling those in!
We are hoping to come back to Cabo and see you again in the future! Attached are a few pictures"

The Schneck's and Segreaves

"Buenos Dias!

I just wanted to take a minute and thank you for making the fishing trip we had with you a success! I planned a trip for myself and groomsmen as a “thank you” to them for being in my wedding and it was a trip we all will not soon forget (my wife and I actually got married in Cabo the following Saturday). The day started off a bit slow on the Adriana but we were all in anticipation when I hung this 110lb Yellowfin which took 1 hour and 45 minutes to bring in on 30lb test line!!! We lost a small Dorado boat side when he spit the hook but soon after landed a 40lb bull that one of my groomsmen landed. He was super excited as this was his 1st offshore fish ever! My best man hung a small 15lb yellowfin tuna, by no means was it the size of the rest of the catch but he still had a good time and enjoyed the trip. Our goal was to go out fishing and bring back enough fish to feed our wedding party of 30 and we had that accomplished with 2 fish totaling 150lbs! When my wife and I come back to Cabo I will definitely be giving the Pisces a call. Thanks again for the memories!

Tristram D. Houston, TX.

George, Ady,

I was a guest on the Valerie on May 8th 2009. We had a fantastic day and hooked up with several striped marlin. We also boated two that day, one being first striped marlin!

Scott B., McKinney, Texas


Once again yall have out done yalls self. I look forward to fishing with yall every trip. We fishing with Julio on "Bill Collector". This is our second year to fish with him and he is my favorite captian in all of Cabo. No one fishes hard than Julio. We had a great first fishing it was a perfect way to spend fathers day with my Dad and his best Rocky and his son Mitchell. We caught three tuna that day with Rocky's about 20lbs, Mitchel was about 50lbs and Mine was about 60lbs pictures are attched. The second was just as good as everybody got a turn to fight a fish with Rocky, Mitchel and my Dad all catching dorado the biggest about 50lbs. Are good friend Brian came along that and was able to catch and release his first marlin. Then we got a bit of a suprise at the end of the day when I caught a jackfish that hit front right corner teaser. But Once again a great trip and cant wait to come back.

Michael R, Pearland TX.

Just wanted to say thanks for the great trip; I’ve attached a pic of the Dorado I caught while fishing on the Rebecca June 23rd. We caught a few Dorados and saw a number of striped Marlin and had a nice one take a bait before tossing the hook behind the boat. The crew worked hard and put us on fish, but the Marlin weren’t biting that day.

Thanks again,
“Dwayne” Taveney Orange, TX

My family went on the Tracy Ann on April 30th and I caught a 180 lb. Striped Marlin and my brother caught a Mahi Mahi which we ate for dinner. We had a great time. It was a dream of mine to catch a huge fish while ocean fishing. I have a great tale to tell as my Marlin wasn't even hooked. The hook was merely wrapped around the sword. Thanks and I hope to be back.

Mary D. Fridley, Minnesota


We had a great time fishing both days...we also enjoyed the Captain and the mates...they were good guys and were working hard for us both days. The only disappointment was not landing that damned Dorado the second day!!!! It was soooooooooooo close and we wanted to eat it soooooooooooooo badly!!!! I stopped by your shop and bought a marlin flag to frame w/ a good pic of my marlin.... thanks again...I'll recommend Pisces to anybody traveling to Cabo.

Mike Sotak, Omaha, NE

Adriana and the Pisces Staff,

Virginia Thompson and I, Dave Sharninghouse, want to thank you and your staff for making our first Cabo fishing trip on 4/22/09 a big success! From the sweet rolls at the dock in the morning to the cleaning of our catch on the return, it was a great experience. Speaking of experience, Captain Julio and first mate Ernesto on the TRACY ANN, did an outstanding job of getting us on fish and talking us through the landing of the fish. We ended up with 1 marlin, 2 dorado, and 7 yellow fin tuna. The dinner at Alexander's with our fresh catch was awesome! When we left the dock Ernesto was great at explaining what to expect and was very professional in his dealings with us. He kept the boat immaculate and neat. I told my friends that you could have eaten off of the floor it was so clean!! Please relay my thanks to the crew of the TRACY ANN and give Fernando a nod too. Thanks for everything and being more than gracious with all of my inquires.

Dave S./Virginia T., Findlay OH.

I want to thank you for a very memorable fishing experience last Friday February 27th, 2009. I was a member of the Nickerson group that caught five marlin. The crew of the boat were very professional and I think responsible for seeing that we caught so many fish. We were told that you would either mail or email us a certificate showing that we were successful. That would be a great reminder of a wonderful trip. I caught two marlin and will remember the thrill forever.

Earl E. Ammerman Denver, Colorado

Dear Tracy, Juan, Oscar, Adriana and the Rest of the Pisces Office:

My wife and three of her girlfriends fished on “Ni Modo” on Monday, February 23, 2009 with Captain Edgar Renteria. Attached is a photo of one of the 9 striped marlin the girls caught and released that day at the Golden Gate Bank. Your office requested that we forward this photo to you, and I thought this photo might look good on your website given that you probably seldom have charters with females only. (The women pictured are, from left to right: Wendy Berger, Brenda Casey, Kathy Bradford and Kathy Carey; all of whom are from St. Louis, Missouri). Thanks as always for the excellent fishing and outstanding service. We will see later this month, and again in April.

John Carey

Hi Tracy,

Just a quick note to thank you, Ady, the crew of Valerie and the whole Pisces Team for a really memorable days fishing. The preparations and organization was first class, with quick responses to my E-Mails and answers to the questions therein. For a client who was in Cabo for only 71/2 hours on a cruise ship, getting 61/2 hours on the water and almost 5 hours fishing in was a fantastic achievement. Everything went smooth as clockwork, I was met within 10 minutes of getting to the cruise dock, the paperwork was all ready, 'Valerie' was waiting close by (no need to walk right round to her mooring) and 'she' was ready to go (bait, beer and gear all on board). Now, about 'Valerie' and the crew. Firstly, thankyou for the no cost upgrade. With time not on my side a fast boat to get me to 'Golden Gate' was essential and 'Valerie' delivered with a fast and comfortable ride. With my late start we were one of the last boats to get there but no bother, Capt Roberto put me straight on the fish with a lively 100lb Stripey hooked up within 20 minutes of arriving. A 25 minute fight later on 20lb Penn International stand-up gear and the fish was mine - a couple of quick photo's, a textbook release by deckhand Raymondo and my day was made. 3 good size Dorado and another stripey around 120lb (also released) completed the day - fantastic. Chasing and casting to 'tailing' marlin is something new to a (European) Atlantic angler who usually trolls lures or 'bait'n'switches' - reel good fun. I'll be back!!!

The crew really know their stuff and kept me right all day, all the tackle was top-notch and the boat was superb - ship shape and Bristol fashion as we say in the U.K. Only 2 regrets; 1. I wish I had had more time. My best marlin day is 2 blues and my best day overall is 1 blue, 1 spearfish and 2 wahoo, so to get 5 fish is fantastic, another hour and I'm certain Capt Roberto would have got me that 3rd Marlin. 2. I wish I had taken my wife with me. She has always wanted to catch a Billfish but won't take on a big blue using heavy chair tackle. These stripeys however would be right up her street. (We have been trying to get her a spearfish for 10 years or so in the Canary Islands, but never get one when she is on the boat). Next time I'm in Cabo I'm going to book 2 or 3 days with you guys - and the wife is coming too, so watch out!!!! To finish off, what a great day, what a great experience, what a great team.

Thank you Pisces Sportfishing. I will be recommending you to my friends, clients and also the cruise line.
Chris M from the U.K.

Hi Tracy,

I just wanted to drop you a quick line and say many, many thanks for organizing a charter for me when I arrived on my cruise ship Oosterdaam.

The shore crew arranged a shared charter by putting a sign in the window, and it worked out very well. I was thrilled to get La Brisa, as we fished with them during the IGFA in 2006. Rey is a great captain, and with Salvadore, they are an amazing team. We left the wharf around 8:30am and headed to Golden Gate after buying some bait. When we arrived, the sea was boiling with action, and boats charging about to the many marlin coming up on the surface. Our crew got into the middle of a huge ball of mackerel and sardines, and proceeded to load up with more bait, which turned out to be a good thing. We began fishing around 10:00am and over the course of the next 4 hours, we pitched continuously to marlin, and had 21 strikes, 16 hook-ups and battles, and successfully got 11 marlin to the boat, all of which we released. I have never seen the sea so active with marlin, whales, seals, birds, and every other specie of marine life as that day. When we finally had lines in around 2:00pm and headed back to the cruise ship, we were tired and thrilled with the day's fish. Salvadore made a special abalone dish, with cold beers to wash it down, and then we just roared along, - and were treated to a magnificent whale jumping show enroute back to port. It was probably one of the best fishing days I've ever had. I've circulated some of my pics amongst my friends both here in Canada, in the Caribbean, and down in the U.S., and we're now planning a trip back in November.

I'll send you some of the marlin pics I took during the trip, and feel free to share them with Rey and Salvadore. All the very best, and tight lines,
Bob S. Kelowna, BC Canada

Thanks, My party and I had the absolute pleasure of fishing with Captain Steve, and his crew Rudy, Lobo and Victor, aboard Spartacus at Sea. I have chartered “dozens” of boats over the years. I have never experienced a captain and crew that were so friendly and willing to do whatever it takes to keep all of us happy. They were timely and efficient. Everything was always perfectly organized, whether it was as simple as coffee and breakfast first thing in the morning to the equipment working, it was a truly an excellent time. These guys never even stopped for a lunch break! Steve and his crew run a “tight ship”. The boat was spotless each and every day that we arrived. Even with his broken leg, Steve would make sure that we had our music of choice playing or had the food laid out for us. It seemed that no matter what the situation was, Steve and the guys had either already thought of it, or would jump on it and handle it without haste. The 4 of them worked in unison on this boat. There was never an argument or disagreement about who was supposed to be doing “this job” (which I have seen all too often on other charters). I really cannot express what an incredible time we had. Coming from the Philadelphia/New Jersey area, we spend 2 entire days traveling to and from Cabo in order to have 3 days of fishing. THIS trip is what we had always hoped for – thanks to Steve and his crew. By the way, we caught some fish too! On day 1, we landed 29 striped marlin. On day 2, another 26. And on day 3 we landed another 25 marlin, plus 5 dorado. Steve’s goal was for us to land 100 marlin in 3 days, and I think he worked harder at it than we did, otherwise there is no question we would have done it! Please extend our gratitude to the boat owner as well. Steve and the crew take exceptional care of the boat, inside and out, as well as the fishing equipment. Their pride shows not only while we are on the water fishing, but while Spartacus is docked. Steve and his crew showed a genuine passion to work hard for us each and every day. I’m an owner in a business, and know that I appreciate when we receive a compliment. To say that Steve and the guys did a great job would be an understatement. I would highly recommend Steve and his crew, along with Spartacus at Sea, to anyone who was considering a charter.

Mike Nosal, Brisco NJ.

Well I did not think it was possible to beat the number of Marlin we caught last year when we traveled 3 hours one way to The Finger, but we did. In three days of fishing on La Brisa, Rebecca and Ruthless we hooked up to 39 Marlin and landed 29 of them, plus one Dorado, but this time it was only a short one hour ride to Golden Gate. The only downside was that there were so many bites, we ran out of bait each day. Never the less, it was the first trip for my brother Marty and the first Marlin for my son RJ and I can guarantee that when they come again, it will only be with Pisces. Attached is a proud father and son shot of me and RJ which is already on my desktop. Feel free to post this letter and picture on your website and we will look forward to seeing you again next year.

You guys are AWESOME!

Take care,
Bob Turney, Castro Valley CA.

"Dear Pisces,

It's been almost a month since our and we are still eating tuna and Mahi Mahi. I just wanted to thank everyone there at Pisces for our amazing trip, especially Julio and Martin. My Father and I fished for 4 amazing days. The first day was a bit rough out on the Pacific and we didn't have much luck til the afternoon when we caught a Striped Marlin and a Dorado. Our second day was amazing we headed into the Sea of Cortez and before 9 am we had a Wahoo and six Dorado in the boat. We went out further when we caught a 325lb Blue Marlin!!! It took me almost two hours to bring into the boat. This was the experience I had always waited for deep sea fishing. Our third day we went looking for Tuna but only found a couple Dorado and a 200 plus pound Blue Marlin. The crew felt is was a slow day, but I think any day you land a 200lb Blue Marlin is a great day. Our last day we landed that Tuna, about a 100lbs, it was harder then the Blue Marlin. We landed another Striped Marlin and a couple Dorado also that day. It's my second outing with Pisces and we will definitely be back. Thanks!"